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Git Reset

Git reset is a command used to revert or undo your commit to a specific commit specified to the command.

Option 1: git reset {commit hash}

(Note: This command is defaulted to --soft)

Option 2: git reset --hard {commit hash}

Option 3: git reset --soft {commit hash}

Git Revert

Git revert basically created a new commit with the changes you want to undo, this helps in maintaining the git histroy.

Option 1: git revert {commit hash}

Git Squash

Git Squash is a terminology and not a command, basically when we want to combined “N” number of continous commits into a single commit we can use squash commits using git rebase.

To know more on git rebase

Option 1: git revert {commit hash}

Git Rebase

Option 1: git rebase {commit hash}

Option 2: git rebase -i {commit hash}

How to create a branch from a pull request or a merge request


You may have came to a situation where in you want to get the code/changes in a particular PR to local environment, but as PR or a MR is not a branch on your repository how can you pull a PR or MR, the below command can be used to pull the code from a PR and create a new branch in your local env.


git fetch origin pull/$ID/head:$BRANCHNAME

For example: git fetch origin pull/2/head:MASTER

Note: Here ID is the PR number for github users and MR number for gitlab users.

git checkout $BRANCHNAME

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